GRAZIN’ ANGUS ACRES pigs are truly raised on pasture, enjoying the grasses, sunshine, and mud that nature provides and they help cultivate.  The organic grain, that they have free choice of, is grown locally by a certified organic family farm.  Our pigs are also “Animal Welfare Approved”.  It is easy to see that they are raised with animal welfare foremost in our minds when they come to our voices to enjoy a treat of organic milk or vegetables straight from our organic garden.  We believe that if you let a pig do what it is naturally programmed to do, everyone wins; the pigs eat, root, and take mud baths at their leisure, we enjoy a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing addition to our farm, and best of all, you get to enjoy a healthy end product that you can feel good about eating!  

 ground pork
 boston butt $12.00
 shoulder roast
 blade roast
 smoked hocks
 spare ribs
 country style ribs
 tenderloin $40.00
 bacon/shoulder bacon
 no-nitrate bacon
 pork chops (thick-cut)
 sirloin chops (thick-cut)
 ham steaks (no nitrate)
 trotters $5.00
 neck bones
 liver $8.00
 heart $7.00
 tail $14.00
 leaf lard
 jowls $5.00
 sweet sausage
 breakfast sausage $16.00
 chorizo sausage $16.50
 hot dogs  $16.00