GRAZIN' ANGUS ACRES 100% grassfed milk comes from purebred Jersey cows because their breed has the highest healthy butterfat content.  We never buy in milk from other dairies, as we are a single-source farm.  All of our fields upon which our animals graze have been Certified Organic.

"Always grass, ONLY grass."

 whole and reduced fat milk - half gallon* $7.00
 whole and reduced fat milk - quart* $4.00
 half & half - pint* $4.00
 heavy cream - pint* $7.00
 lowfat chocolate milk (certified organic cocoa & sugar) - pint* $3.00
 plain or vanilla creamline yogurt - quart $7.00
 vanilla, chocolate & peach ice cream - pint $10.00

*Please note a $2 deposit for all products in glass.