GAA is at the following Farmer's Markets weekly:
SATURDAYS- Union Square (New York, NY)
SUNDAYS- between 77th and 79th Streets @ the Museum of Natural History (NY, NY)

Year-round availability:

-Berry Farm (Kinderhook, NY)
-Chatham Real Food Co-op (Chatham, NY)
-New York City Greenmarkets (Brooklyn and Manhattan)

Regular restaurant customers include:
-Grazin' (Hudson, NY)
-Local 111 (Philmont, NY)

*We use a small, local processor for our Grass-Fed and Finished Black Angus beef.  When we drop off 4 animals, our butcher will only work with our 4.  Other companies will process 400 animals per hour - our butcher does only our 4 in one day.